Choosing a Helmet

  • Make sure the helmet fits you well
  • Is certified - meets the standards by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • Has adequate ventilation
  • Fastens securely and has adjustable straps
  • Full face options, such as S One Gen 2 Visored Helmet, often can be worn with or without the face piece and makes this a popular choice when playing contact sports.

Caring for your Gear

The best option is to machine wash following these suggestions.

  • use the gentle cycle
  • use cold water
  • use a small amount of detergent, no not use bleach
  • when the machine has filled with water, pause it for approximately 30 minutes
  • secure velcro and do not wash with other items
  • for extra care use mesh bags 
  • Hang to dry and do not use dryer.

For daily maintenance, NokOut is recommended.  NokOut is a powerful odour eliminator that targets odours without the use of enzymes or harsh chemicals. NokOut uses an oxidation process to break down odour molecules at the source. NokOut is 100% Biodegradable, Fragrance Free, Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic.

For best results, allow gear to dry prior to spraying with NokOut.

Cushions and Bushings

They are often forgotten and should be replaced every 6 months.  Cushions vary in hardness.  Their set up can be experimented with to get the most from your skates.

 The softer the cushion the more laterally agile you will be but you'll be sacrificing explosiveness off your edges.  On the other hand, harder cushions are going to feel stiffer under pressure which is going to result in more lateral explosiveness.


Choosing A Mouthguard

Not all mouthguards offer the protection you need.  Take the time to make an informed decision on the products available in today's market.  Participating in a sport or hobby you love should not have negative consequences on your future.  You owe it to yourself. 

Damage Control Mouthguards offer 150% more shock absorption than the material used by nearly all mouthguard companies.

Breath Better, Feel Better, Play Better!!

The most comfortable best fitting mouthguards because of how well they fit to the teeth. Orthodontist recommended and specifically designed for contact sports.

Eliminate the distractions of a mouthguard shifting around in your mouth and focus on your game!!

Damage Control Mouthguards are made for serious athletes that want better protection, better fit and better breathability.

With 28 years of combined experience in fabricating oral devices, Damage Control Mouthguards offers the best protection for all combat and contact sports. These mouthguards are exactly what a professional athlete trusts and needs.     

How to Best Fit your Boil and Bite Mouthguard