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Toe Stop Derby Shop

December 2016

How We Got Started

Locally owned and operated Roller Derby Shop. Created from the love of the sport and the passion to share this sport with others.  

Equipment Check

Our Philosophy

There are many products on the market but not all perform at the level that athletes demand. 

Don't get taken in by inferior merchandise.  We only carry the best equipment that the industry offers and professional athletes trust.

We care about our customers and want to ensure their continued safety and well being. That is why we are constantly exploring new products and innovations. 

At Toe Stop Derby Shop, you're getting what you want, let your imagination guide you. We believe that your experience should be as unique as you. We specialize in full customization.

Stardust Roller Rink
Southgate Mall
Juy 2018

In Our Community

Toe Stop Derby Shop strives to ensure your roller skating  experience evokes happiness.  Being involved in the community allows us to share  the joy of roller derby and roller skating.  Spreading happiness one skate at a time.

On The Track



A look back at some of the events that Toe Stop Derby Shop has been a part of.

Toe Stop Derby Shop Sponsorship Program

We believe in giving back to our community and helping sports be accessible to all.
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We believe in supporting our community and assisting in maintaining sports accessible to all.

Contact us to discuss your League's involvement

Track Talk


Stay current on events Toe Stop Derby Shop will be attending. 

Be sure to check our hours on our Contact Us page to ensure the shop is open during these events.



 Sock It To Me Socks

1 Pair for $14.50

Or 2 Pairs for $25.00

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Cushions and Bushings

They are often forgotten and should be replaced every 6 months.  Cushions vary in hardness.  Their set up can be experimented with to get the most from your skates.

 The softer the cushion the more laterally agile you will be but you'll be sacrificing explosiveness off your edges.  On the other hand, harder cushions are going to feel stiffer under pressure which is going to result in more lateral explosiveness.


Toe Stop Derby Shop FAQs

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